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About Us
Established in 2001, Hemaia dominates the Egyptian fixed and mobile internet with a wide range of locally relevant content and services spanning sports, film, music, city-guides, directories, classifieds, social networks and automotive. Built on the belief that high quality locally-relevant and trusted content would be the key to the long-term success of Sarmady and the internet in Egypt, Sarmady invested heavily in building some of the very best destination websites and mobile internet portals in the region. Acquired by Vodafone Egypt in 2008, Sarmady became Vodafone's digital arm and is able to utilize Vodafone's depth of customer insight, and reach, and combine it with Sarmady's behavioral and demographic matrices to offer a truly unique digital advertising and marketing experience.

Our Vision

To lead a digital revolution in Egypt to enhance the lives and possibilities of Egypt's citizens by opening the digital world of content and services to them.

Our Mission

To remain at the forefront of mobile and fixed internet services and content and to extend our reach to all Egyptians and drive the mobile internet via an impressive array of services and content.

Our Values

- Concrete Repair (معالجة وإصلاح الخرسانة)
- Epoxy Coating for all kinds of flooring (دهان إيبوكس لجميع انواع الأرضيات)
- Injection & Lining for all Tanking systems ( حقن وتبطين الخزانات )
-Expansion and thermo joint (الفواصل الإنشائية وفواصل الجسور)
-Water Proofing & Insulation(جميع أنواع العزل المائي والحراري)
*Spray Polyurethane
*EPDM membrane
*P.V.C membrane
*Bituminous membrane